At Collection Bureau, we are not satisfied being a traditional collection agency. We serve our customers by providing a range of services – services designed to increase your recoveries. From our early intervention products through legal action, we are proud of the results we achieve.

We find and contact your defaulted customers making use of our robust local database and the latest in professional skip tracing technology.   Our trained call-center professionals, backed up with our predictive dialer capabilities and letter campaigns, will work hard to contact consumers and effectively achieve payment. As an authorized credit-reporting agency, we report to two major national credit bureaus. We are closely affiliated with a law firm with several attorneys specializing in recovery actions. We stay up to date on the latest in collection industry quality standards and techniques as a proud member of the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals (ACA International).


We seek payment in full or set up payment plans with your patients/clients who have not paid in full at time of service. Payment plans are monitored by our staff supported by technology. Most payment plans are scheduled to resolve the account balance within 12-18 months. If not resolved, accounts are in default and turned over for collection.

We can handle these payment plans for you, or we can refer your customers or patient to you. Early intervention can preserve a good business relationship with your customers or patients.


Third-Party Accounts

We are a licensed collection agency. We recover defaulted obligations using up-to-date technology in scoring, outbound/inbound call handling, letter generation, skip tracing and payment negotiation.  Our recovery strategies are based on applying the right resource to your accounts receivables at the right time and are designed to maximize your recovery. We are compliance driven, respecting the rights of consumers while ensuring that validly owed debts are repaid.

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Our resources include:

  • Professionally trained call center staff with low employee turn-over
  • Continuous on-going training for all employees encompassing all areas of collection activities, including client requirements, quality performance, company policies and compliance
  • Robust internal database built over 20 years
  • Cutting edge skip tracing and scoring tools
  • Letter strategies designed for results
  • Technology assisted and pure manual calling by our professional staff
  • Simple interface and access for customers through our Client Services portal
  • Interactive software and website – easy for our customers and easy for consumers to make payments
  • Legal action if needed; we have attorneys and trained legal staff on site
  • Regular reports and updates; access to the information you need through our live account representatives

Legal Recovery

We may have to use legal action to recover your accounts. Our trained staff carefully screens accounts for possible legal action and refers selected accounts to our associated law firm, Mark L. Clark, PLLC. At our direction, our attorneys obtain judgments on our behalf and execute on those judgments by garnishing wages or bank accounts. Our attorneys may also request examinations of judgment debtors in a formal court setting in an effort to resolve outstanding judgments.

Judgment Collections

You may have successfully taken legal action on your own – but collecting on your judgment is another matter. We apply the same professional resources and tools to in executing on a your small claims or attorney procured judgments. We record judgments, locate judgment debtors, find assets and pursue bank account or wage garnishments. We conduct a thorough investigation, including in-court debtors’ exams to uncover assets or sources of income.

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If your judgment was issued or renewed within the last five years, you can count on us – we specialize in post-judgment debt collection. We are knowledgeable about the technical requirements and implementation of the Uniform Enforcement of Foreign Judgments Act, which governs collecting out-of-state judgments.

Collecting an In-State Judgment
We will need a certified copy of the judgment. We’ll also ask you for information about the judgment debtor, including the following: name, name of spouse, address, phone numbers (both landline and cell numbers), social security number, dates of birth, email, employer information, employer address and phone number, spouse information, relatives or third-party contact information. You can fax the information to (208) 463-9776, or email it to
Collecting a Judgment obtained Out-of-State We will need a copy of the judgment, together with an Exemplified Copy (Three-Way Authentication Certificate) from the court where the judgment was obtained. We can help with this. Also provide copies of any post-judgment attempts, including prior garnishment attempts. We will also ask you for the judgment interest rate together with an itemization of the judgment balance, interest, costs, payments etc.) You can fax the information to (208) 463-9776, or email it to Questions? Call (208) 463-2324, or send an email to

Forwarded Accounts from Out-of-State

We support the efforts of other local collection agencies not licensed in Idaho. We accept forwarded accounts from collection agencies seeking to recover from consumers located in Idaho and Oregon.

Debt Buyer Services

Although most of the debt we recover is assigned to us, we will purchase Idaho and Oregon debt. We also provide collection services for national debt buyers who are seeking collection and legal actions on purchased portfolios on patients and clients who live in Idaho and Oregon.

For more information, call (208) 463-2324, or send an email to

NSF and Returned Checks

We can handle any returned checks up to five years old and often reimburse our clients up to 100% of the face value of the check, depending on the amount.


Would you like to learn from our experience? We will work with your staff at our offices or on-site to augment your in-house collection efforts and bolster your credit granting policies. We will work with you to achieve your recovery goals. Ask us about our popular on-site seminars for staff.

Speakers and Seminars focused on Accounts Receivable Recovery

Our engaging and informative seminars provide take-home techniques that can be immediately implemented. Our attorneys are frequent contributors at industry conferences and educational seminars.

Mark L. Clark, our owner and attorney, is a popular speaker who has been invited back a number of times to speak at Idaho Medical Group Management Association meetings around the state, state-wide County Sheriff’s Offices seminars, credit and collection seminars at St. Luke’s and St. Alphonsus Medical Centers, and at various business trade shows.

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