Customer Retention: How CBI Can Help

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It’s not unusual for consumers to have a negative opinion of collection companies, but you would be amazed to learn how often the same consumer also has a very negative view of the company who sent them to collections.

In addition to recovering accounts receivables, we also understand that how our agents interact with consumers can have an enormous impact on our client’s ability to retain that customer.

This email was sent through our website, in response to a positive interaction with a consumer. The client was defensive at first, but after an explanation from our agents, everyone left happy. The customer was happy, we looked good, and more importantly…our client looked good.

I just wanted to send a quick message to let you know of the professional and kind interaction I have had in the last 2 days with 2 of your employees, Shamicka and Heidi.

I have never been sent to, contacted or even threatened to be sent to collections before and like most my uneducated view of collection companies has been pretty negative. I pictured rude, threatening and demanding behaviors as well as constant badgering. The first call I received was from Shamicka. When I mention that I tried to go to the office that I owed money and that I have not even had the bill for more than 19 days, she fully explained that this does not impact my credit and fully explained the complete process and my rights with collection. Her phone manner was one of understanding and education which is not what I expected at all. This really helped to calm my aggravation over the situation.

When I called back today to pay my bill, the phone was answered by Heidi. Heidi informed me that Shamickawas busy and asked if she could help. Heidi also did so in a professional and kind manner.  I have worked in and with call centers  for years and I know the importance of hiring good and considerate online agents. Because of that I would once again like to thank both Shamicka and Heidi for a job well done!

- Thankful Consumer


Not every collection company is the same. We understand the importance of our clients’ reputation, and value that above all else. How could an effective Customer Retention Strategy increase your company’s netback?

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