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Looking back at what we’ve done to move forward.

The New Year is an ideal opportunity to reflect back at the many accomplishments of 2011 that will positively impact how Collection Bureau does business in 2012.

Collection Bureau expanded its law firm, adding two full-time attorneys and supporting staff. Collection Bureau’s attorneys argued a case to the Idaho Supreme Court and won. As a result, Collection Bureau’s government clients are positioned to recover criminal fines that may have otherwise been abandoned.

Collection Bureau attorneys were featured speakers at legal conferences regarding collections and mediation. They also spoke at a seminar, offered by Collection Bureau to medical professionals, which addressed how to deal with difficult HR issues.

Collection Bureau remodeled its website to make it more user-friendly. Clients can access account information with ease. Debtors can check their account status and make payments directly through the website. These changes have positively impacted Collection Bureau’s ability to communicate with clients. It has also provided debtors with an ability to stay current on their payments with just the touch of a button.

Collection Bureau invested in training and revamped internal processes – all with a view to increasing recovery while maintaining a professional approach. These efforts paid off as Collection Bureau was recently audited by the Idaho Department of Finance and received the highest possible ranking.

These are just a few in a long list of accomplishments. In 2012 Collection Bureau remains committed to conducting business with integrity and cultivating a reputation of fairness.

Take a break from the tyranny of the urgent and set goals for 2012 that will strengthen your business. Pausing to reflect is the first step to channeling inspiration.

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